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Noma 720 Spectrum App Lights

Noma 720 Spectrum App Lights

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These amazing lights will transform the ambiance in your home or garden winter or summer. With the colour changing light system choose from a spectrum of colours and light effects and use music to make lights dance. A library of light effects and functions can be chosen and as many sets as you like can be controlled by one app. Available in a range of sizes suitable for your tree, stair banisters or outdoor. Simply scan the QR code on the box and control an unlimited amount of Noma spectrum light sets.

  • Noma spectrum lights
  • Unicolour - choose whatever colour you desire
  • Colour changing
  • Lights flash in time with the music
  • Choose from any colour or function 
  • Phone App operated
  • Mains powered transformer included
  • Timer function
  • Limitless colour and function combinations
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Winter/summer
  • 10 metre lead cable
  • 71.9 metres of lights 
  • Suit your tree size- 6ft 240 LEDs, 7ft 360 LEDs, 8ft 480 LEDs, 9ft 720 LEDs


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