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Beautifully Created

Artificial Christmas Trees

An exquisite range of Christmas trees
to bring magic and wonder to your home this festive season

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Up to 12 Year guarantee on our Christmas trees depending on the brand

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Real Feel trees

Keeping it real! Ultra-realistic branches moulded from real tree branches

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Frosted & Snowy

The Authentic look of a morning frost or freshly fallen snow covering the branches

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Know your Christmas Trees

PE - POLYETHYLENE - Considered the only material that manages to replicate the look of a real life Christmas tree. PE trees are injection moulded and 3 dimensional, with moulds from real tree branches resulting in the realistic looking Christmas tree.

PVC - POLYVINYL CHLORIDE - Widely used for decades for artificial Christmas trees. They look realistic from afar but less so close up due to the rectangular nature of the needles. Generally they are the most inexpensive trees available

PVC/PE - MIXED - Some artificial Christmas trees have a combination of both PVC & PE materials.  PE will generally be used on the tips of the tree for an instantly real look with the PVC used more as a filler to make the tree look fuller.

HINGED TREE - Branches are permanently attached to the trunk and fold in and out for easy set up and storage.

WRAPPED TREE - The branches are wrapped around the trunk and have to be bent into place to shape your tree

HOOKED TREE - Individual colour coded branches designed to hook into the trunk of the tree

MEMORY WIRE - Designed for fast and easy set up. Unbox and the tree will spring into shape

Setting Up Your Tree

The video is an example of a hinged tree set up. All branches on all trees will need fluffing and shaping as the video shows. Need inspiration - watch the video on how to decorate your tree

Watch video to see what we do