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Mark Roberts Ornament Collector Santa Fairy

Mark Roberts Ornament Collector Santa Fairy

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The Mark Roberts Ornament Collector Christmas Santa Fairy is absolutely gorgeous. This exquisite Santa with his beautiful face is fashioned to perfection in fine detail. He wears exquisitely fashioned fabrics and embellishments of  jewels, bows, foliage and a festive hat adorned with feathers and beautiful bauble and of course those jingle bells.

This magical fairytale creation can be used as a stand alone Christmas decoration, part of a larger display or placed perfectly in the tree to oversee all the fun and festivities. He will be loved and adored by all who see him this and every Christmas yet to come.

 About The Artist

Mark Roberts collectibles are highly desirable, limited edition fantasy fairytale Christmas fairies, elves, Santa dolls and Yuletide décor. Each item is beautifully crafted and designed to be collected and become future heirlooms, to be loved and cherished now and for many generations to come. Each of the exquisite Christmas display dolls are designed and finished to the highest standards and every unique piece is detailed with plush fabrics, trimmings and embellishments. Mark Roberts have enjoyed a following from collectors across the world for 30 years, why not start your collection this Christmas. 


 Height  26cm

Limited Edition

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