20 White Connectable Festoon Lights

20 White Connectable Festoon Lights

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Light up your home and garden with the stunning classic connectable white festoon lights. Connect up to ten sets of lights from one transformer and ambiently light anywhere you wish to place. They look amazing on a tree either indoor or outdoor, maybe in a gazebo, along a hedge or even spanning a patio. The lights benefit from the easytimer so will automatically switch on and off at the same time each day no more wondering if you remembered to turn off the lights.

  • 20 white festoon lights 4 LED's per bulb
  • Connect up to 10 sets
  • Mains powered
  • Black cable
  • 30 cm bulb spacing
  • Hanging hooks on each bulb
  • 5.7 metre light chain 10 metre lead cable
  • Easy timer 6 hours on 18 hours off

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